Proud Parents Of Mithun

Writing something about Buds Public School is no small feat; no amount of words can describe an institution, which has been the foundation of many young children’s lives.

It’s been a memorable journey for our son, Mithun Krishnaprasad at Buds. In 2016 when we relocated from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, it was a challenge for Mithun to settle himself in a new school. It was a challenge finding new friends, a new environment and a challenging academic hurdle was ahead of him. But within few months at Buds, all worries vanished and it truly became a second home for him. Time flies and soon its time for Mithun to bid adieu to Buds!

We have been associated with the school for the past two years. The period from 2016-18 turned out to be a pivotal time for Mithun and it changed him in so many ways, that no other school would. Buds Public School welcomed Mithun with both arms to the leadership team and he was named the Head Boy of the School. It inspired and motivated him to be the best possible version of himself.

There are no words, to appreciate someone whose every syllable empowers children to chase their dreams. We express our sincere gratitude to the Principal, Mr. Ainsley Edgar for giving Mithun a chance to shoulder responsibilities and empowering him with leadership skills. Moving on from an Academic Coordinator to being named as the Head Boy of the School has boosted his confidence and leadership qualities. These two years full of lessons from you adds to a lifetime of empowerment and we know he will hold these lessons to his heart. We thank you for your patience in imparting knowledge.

It is impossible to thank one single teacher for all that they have done and singling out a teacher is something, which is ungrateful. The teachers and support staff through their love, care and support have imparted their knowledge and care to the students and have made them into better human beings.

We thank the School Management for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing, and room for making mistakes along the way. We wish Buds Public School an unlimited amount of success, and hope to see them nurture and impart the seeds of knowledge and goodwill to their little buds, so that we can see them bloom into beautiful human beings.


Prasad & Mini

(Parents of Mithun Krishnaprasad)




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